Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to my blog, this week I want to share sum information about handheld devices.

As I read in an article from MaximumPC, I started thinking about what are the most useful handheld devices in my life.  According to the article here is the top ten most important handheld devices...

 10-the pin drive, I find that this is a needed piece of equipment that we all must have in order to bring our "work" with us without having to take the whole computer, or even a bulky disk.  Flash technology is up and coming and now is being used for hard drives.

9-the Walkman, this proceeded the iPod, but was important to handheld music progression.

 8-the Palm-VII which of course lead us to the current PDAs.

 7-the Canon 5D, this was the start of digital photograph.  Lets face it without digital cameras we would be spending a fortune on film that we wouldn't be able to use.

 6-the iPad, what can I say but wow.  This will be the next generation textbook to have in connection and will work with Smartboards to make cost efficient learning possible.

5-the Harmony Remote Control, this was the first universal remote.  It doesn't fit in the classroom, but its what lets us use the Direct TV remote for all of our entertainment equipment.

4-Texas Instruments Cal Tech, yes it is the first calculator, and according to the article "led the way for billions of calculators afterwards".

3-the iPhone, this started and still leads the way in smartphone technology.  Without this social networking would not be as accessible, nor would the Internet.

 2-Amazon Kindle, while this helps save space, it leads to endless reading pleasure.  I think it is another device that shows a window to the future of how textbooks will look like in the future classroom.

1-Abacus, while this doesn't seem very technologically advance, it gave the idea and basis for portable devices that were used to assist the human being in daily life.
(MaximumPC Vol. 16, No.2 Feb. 2011)

Please post your ideas on what is the most important handheld device for you.

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